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Staying Covered and Using Coverage

Once clients enroll in coverage, help them stay covered and use their coverage with the following tools and resources:

Building health insurance literacy and helping consumers stay covered

  • Stay Covered All Year Long
    Audience: Consumers
    This consumer guide helps clients understand what they need to do to keep their health coverage throughout the year. Also available in Spanish and Haitian Creole.

  • Special Enrollment Periods Consumer Fact Sheet
    Audience: Consumers
    An overview of the life events and special circumstances that may qualify clients for a Special Enrollment Period. As well information about what to do if they think they are eligible.

  • Covered Video Series
    The ACE “Covered” video series will help RWHAP clients understand how to make the most of their health insurance. Including what is covered and where to go for different types of care.
    Also available in Spanish

How clinical providers can help clients stay covered

  • ACE on the Go Podcasts
    Audience: Clinicians
    These podcasts feature conversations with experts on how clinicians can support patients to enroll, renew, and maintain health coverage access.