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Taxes and Health Coverage: What You Need to Know

taxes and health coverageTaxes may not be fun, but they play an important role in helping make your health coverage more affordable.

Through the end of 2018, the federal government required most people to have health coverage that met certain minimum standards. If a person did not have health coverage and did not qualify for an exemption, they will be required to pay a fee. Everyone who files taxes for calendar year 2018 must report whether or not they had health coverage on their 2018 federal tax returns.

Starting with calendar year 2019, you will no longer be required to show proof of health coverage on your federal tax return, and you will not pay a federal fee for not having insurance. People in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. will still be required to show proof of coverage when filing their state tax return to avoid a state fee for not having coverage.

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