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2017 Quality Award Winners

July 25, 2017

National Quality Center

Logo of National Quality Center

The National Quality Center (NQC), a HRSA-funded cooperative agreement, has announced the winners of the 2017 Quality of Care Awards. Each year NQC receives a multitude of applications that show the sophistication of the quality improvement work being done by Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients and the leadership that consumers show in engaging their peers in treatment. It is a struggle every year for the reviewers to select the "best of the best" because so many applications have merit and show extraordinary competence.

Measurable Improvements in HIV Care

Maricopa County - Phoenix EMA

Phoenix/Maricopa County EMA

Phoenix/Maricopa County EMA Staff

RWHAP clients have far better HIV outcomes than those not getting Ryan White care, according to HRSA's client level RSR data system. The Maricopa (Phoenix) metropolitan area RWHAP Part A grant recipient is but one example, having achieved a 7% jump in viral suppression across the Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA) grant coverage area. Maricopa's results are an outcome of multiple planning efforts and their application of various quality improvement resources, like the well-known PDSA cycle or the NQC Disparities Calculator that was used to identify population disparities to then develop staff and service needs in response.

Leadership in Quality

Linda Despines - University of Pittsburg Medical Center

Linda Despines

Sixteen years. Seemingly countless quality improvement projects. And a few handfuls of awards. Linda Despines has been a robust user of the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau's extensive quality improvement resources, from HAB's HIV performance measures to HIVQUAL to the CAREWare data software program as well as NQC's national technical assistance program. Despine also directed a project that realized a significant improvement in documented receipt of oral health care by HIV patients at PACT. 

Consumer Engagement in Quality Improvement

Dawn Trotter - Evergreen Health Services

Dawn Trotter

There is no job title for Peer Extraordinaire. Yet. Dawn Trotter of Buffalo's Evergreen Health Services (real job title: Peer Retention Support Assistant) delivers peer services in her agency and somehow participates in numerous advisory boards focused on consumer involvement and quality improvement. All this and she got 30 HIV patients back in care over the last 6 months.

Leadership in Quality

Randall Furrow Maricopa County - Phoenix EMA

Randall Furrow

Randall Furrow has worn, as they say, many hats during his time working on the Phoenix Ryan White planning council. He started as a member in 2004 and later became Chair, simultaneously working on enhancing consumer involvement in planning and quality improvement as well as more robust patient self-management.

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