RWHAP Oral Health Care Services


Oral/dental health care for people with HIV is a high demand need for people with HIV. HRSA's Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) funds agencies to deliver varied primary care and support services to people with HIV, including oral health care. Listed below are resources that HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau has developed to support RWHAP providers in improving access to oral health care for people with HIV. 

These and other resources can be found on the Oral Health Care topic page

Oral Health and Primary Care Integration Project

Integration of Oral Health Care Seven Components

This HRSA project, implemented between 2017 and 2020, identified best practices in oral health and primary care integration based on site visits and an environmental scan. Findings were disseminated through webinars, presentations, and the Integration of Oral Health and Primary Care Technical Assistance Toolkit, which highlights seven components of integrating care and includes best practices for each. The toolkit also includes strategies for providers who have a referral-based model, so there’s something for everyone.

Included in this Toolkit is a high-level overview of the components, and these two presentations from RWHAP providers on their oral health models:

Ryan White Conference Presentations

HRSA periodically convenes a national conference for the RWHAP. Notable oral health sessions in recent years include:

  • The slidedeck for Oral Health and Primary Care Integration, presented at the 2018 RWHAP National Conference, discusses all of the components of integration.
  • The Oral Health Institute at the 2020 RWHAP National Conference (to be posted in the coming weeks) discusses lessons learned and additional best practices from conducting technical assistance with providers to better integrate care, in addition to funding and sustainability of oral health models.

The following video can be shared with clients in provider waiting rooms or support groups to encourage them to access oral health care.

Video: Changing Lives through Good Oral Health

Oral Health Care Initiative (SPNS) 

The Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Innovations in Oral Health Care Initiative (Oral Health Initiative), implemented between 2006 and 2011, generated a wealth of resources related to innovative oral health models. Among the SPNS products is Tools for Creating Innovative Oral Health Care Program, with an intervention manual, presentations, fact sheets with lessons learned from the SPNS initiative. Of note in this collection are:

See also Service Utilization and Costs in Expanding Access to Oral Health Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Lessons Learned,

Clinical Aspects of Oral Health Care

The Guide to Oral Health for People with HIV webinar series has three parts: 

  • Introduction to Oral Health: Oral Screening and Dental Management: Understand the importance of oral health and the burden of oral disease. 
  • Intraoral Dental Exam Demonstration Video: Watch a video on performing an efficient oral examination.
  • Oral Diseases, Dental Emergencies and Patient Education: Recognize and manage oral lesions and identify dental emergencies.

Learn more about clinical aspects of oral health care