Integrated Buprenorphine Treatment: E2i Toolkit

Buprenorphine Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in HIV Primary Care (integrated buprenorphine treatment) is an evidence-informed intervention to safely reduce opioid use disorder and improve HIV health outcomes among people with HIV. In collaboration with HIV experts and community members, E2i adapted integrated buprenorphine treatment for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) and produced a toolkit that provides the resources needed to implement integrated buprenorphine treatment within RWHAP settings and other HIV care organizations.


  • To reduce opioid misuse and overdose among people with HIV while improving client engagement in HIV and behavioral health care
  • To provide low barrier access to medications that treat OUD

Priority Population

  • People with HIV and opioid use disorder

Core Components

1. Address the intersection of the HIV and opioid epidemics:

  • by integrating buprenorphine treatment into HIV primary care

2. Provide buprenorphine treatment:

  • to reduce the harm of opioid misuse and minimize the experience of withdrawal or cravings

3. Adjust organizational systems:

  • to meet the needs of the integrated buprenorphine program: e.g., modify staffing, equipment, and procedures; establish or strengthen partnerships with other community organizations; learn to follow federal and local buprenorphine policies


  • Buprenorphine treatment in HIV primary care is a systems-level intervention that may continue indefinitely. 
  • Clients stay on buprenorphine treatment for various lengths of time, based on their individualized needs. Some clients may remain on buprenorphine treatment indefinitely.


  • Office-based HIV clinics or mobile health units that provide care to people with HIV.

Toolkit Components

This Guide includes:

  • How to plan and implement the intervention
  • Lessons learned during implementation in RWHAP settings
  • Outcomes from the E2i initiative

Buprenorphine E2i Implementation Guide (PDF)

A Spanish version of the Implementation Guide is coming soon!

This instructional dramatization of how to deliver integrated burprenorphine treatment to clients with HIV and opioid use disorder.