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Epic EMR import

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One of our providers uses Epic EMR and would like to have a direct import inot CAREWare. Does anything like this currently exist?




Thank you for your question.  The CAREWare wikipedia site at references using the HL7 ADT Interface in CAREWare to import the data.    You can also contact the CAREWare helpdesk directly at [email protected] or post your question to the CAREWare listserv to find out if there are any current CAREWAre users importing from Epic.  You can join the listserv at

The CAREWare listserve archives at are also a useful resource-you can search on the word "epic" to find historical postings on the CAREWare listserv on this topic. 

I hope that this information was helpful.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Debbie Isenberg

The DART Team

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