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HIVRiskFactor Field

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I was comparing the RSR Summary of 2014 Changes ( to the RSR Data Dictionary and Schema Emplementation Guide Release 3.2 (can't find the link right now) and found a discrepancy. The data dictionary shows a choice of 9 (Risk factor not reported or not identified) but the Summary does not show 9 as being a choice or even as being removed. Is it still a valid value?


Hi Dawn,

9 is a valid response option for HIV Risk Factor (not reported or identified). The first page of the Summary doc states "other deleted as a response option; unknown changed to risk factor not reported or not identified". However, I see that 9 does not appear as a valid response option in the table on page 8 of the Summary doc. We'll correct that. If you find a discrepancy between the Summary doc and the data dictionary, always go with the data dictionary.



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