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RSR HIV Risk Category

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Hi, How should rape be captured as an HIV risk category? Is it more appropriate to put it in the heterosexual/homosexual category or in unknown risk factor which seems to be a catch all for scenarios not expressly captured by the other categories? Thank you!


Melody Thank you for your question. I'm checking with HAB for additional guidance and will respond as soon as I receive it. Debbie Isenberg The DART Team

Melody and Dawn Thank you for your patience while I received guidance from HAB. The risk factor data element is based on client self report, so the response that would be reported would be "men who have sex with men" or "heterosexual contact", even if the sexual contact was not consensual. If the client does not wish to disclose the gender of the person, please report "risk factor not reported or not identified above". If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thanks Debbie Isenberg The DART Team

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