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Implementing Your Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan

This section of the online resource guide provides resources and tips on what you can put into place to ensure your Integrated Plan activities are successful.

Promising Practices and Tips

  • Develop and document a structure and process that clearly outlines the shared expectations for collaboration between the planning bodies, recipients, and sub-recipients, including roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop a realistic work plan based on the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan, with detailed tasks, responsible party, timelines, and measurable outcomes.
  • Consider developing a “Quick Hits” list. Implementing integrated plan activities can be daunting and progress can seem unattainable. Ohio planners came up with the solution of a “Quick Hits” list. The Quick Hits list included small but important, achievable goals.
  • Establish processes for reporting and providing regular updates to planning bodies on Integrated Plan activities and tasks.
  • Include Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan updates during annual site visits with sub-recipients.

Tools and Resources

  • Template for a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for Ongoing Collaboration between HIV Prevention and Care
    IHAP TAC, adapted with permission from EGM Consulting, LLC
    Use this MOA template to outline the agreed-upon scope, structures, and processes for ongoing collaboration between a jurisdiction’s HIV prevention and/or surveillance program and Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. It includes language for several areas that should be included in a MOA, including specific tasks and responsibilities of each program and data sharing agreements.
  • Putting Plans into Action: Roles and Responsibilities for Implementing Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans
    This webinar includes strategies to identify roles and responsibilities for implementing the five-year Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans. During the webinar, participants learned about a flexible process for delegating roles and responsibilities, as well as promising practices from several jurisdictions for successful collaboration between RWHAP Part A and Part B recipients and CDC-funded HIV prevention partners.
  • Six Steps for Agreeing on Roles, Responsibilities, and Structure for Implementing HIV Integrated Prevention and Care Plans
    IHAP TAC, adapted from EGM Consulting, LLC content
    Use this document to identify what you should put in place to ensure successful implementation of Integrated Plan activities.
  • Examples of Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Planning Activities
    EGM Consulting, LLC
    While a single, unified integrated prevention and care planning body is ideal, it is often not possible. However, there are many types and levels of cooperation and collaboration on HIV prevention and care planning and implementation that can be used to support integrated planning activities between care and prevention bodies. This chart provides examples of integrated planning activities that involve HRSA RWHAP Part A, Part B, and CDC HIV prevention planning bodies and recipients.
  • Crosswalk of CDC and HRSA Planning Body Roles in Integrated Planning and Related Activities
    EGM Consulting, LLC
    To support ongoing collaboration between prevention and care and/or across RWHAP Parts, use this “crosswalk” of CDC and HRSA planning requirements, which includes the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan Guidance (link is external) issued jointly by HRSA and CDC in June 2015.
  • Integrated Plan Work Plan
    Developed in partnership between Arizona’s Statewide Advisory Group, Arizona Department of Health Services, Maricopa County Phoenix EMA Planning Council, and Maricopa County Ryan White Part A Program. IHAP TAC modified this tool with permission to create a work plan template.
  • Integrated Plan Tracking Tool
    Developed in partnership between Arizona’s Statewide Advisory Group, Arizona Department of Health Services, Maricopa County Phoenix EMA Planning Council, and Maricopa County Ryan White Part A Program
    The Integrated Plan Tracking tool is a spreadsheet containing the Arizona Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan work plan, including details of activities, parties responsible, timelines, and performance measures. It also includes a color coded column tracking the status of activities for users to update and also use for communicating overall activity progress.
  • HIV Prevention Program Performance Metrics Tracking Spreadsheet
    Arizona Department of Health Services and the Maricopa County Ryan White HIV/AIDS Part A Program
    Example of a spreadsheet used to track performance on HIV prevention program metrics, including PrEP navigation, HIV tests, condom distribution, and behavioral interventions. The first tab on the spreadsheets provides a dashboard for easy-to-read visuals on each performance metric.

  • Glossary of Integrated Planning Terms
    This resource provides operational definitions of integrated planning terms.