Keeping Consumers and Stakeholders Engaged in Implementation of Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan Activities

There are many well known challenges in engaging people with HIV in planning activities, including inadequate orientation, training, and support; stigma and disclosure issues; meeting times that coincide with normal work hours; and transportation or other expenses. (See Engaging RWHAP Consumers in Planning and Needs Assessments for more information). Strategies that keep consumers engaged in planning activities should also be used for keeping consumers and other stakeholders engaged with the Integrated Plan activities.

Promising Practices and Tips for People with HIV Engagement in Integrated Plan Activities

  • Place value on consumer participation
  • Clearly define roles, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Provide adequate orientation and training
  • Hold meetings during times and at locations that facilitate consumer participation
  • Ensure leadership positions are held by consumers.
  • Have at least one person with HIV on every committee and subcommittee

Tools and Resources