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Moving Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Planning into Action: Integrated Funding for HIV Services

June 2018

IHAP TA Center

To better support the integration of HIV prevention and care service delivery, CDC and HRSA developed guidance for the submission of an Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan, including the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need, that includes both HIV prevention and care data, goals, objectives, and activities.

As health departments actualize integrated plan activities, many jurisdictions are considering integrating prevention and care funding streams in order to facilitate greater integration of services on the ground. Integrated funding requires significant preparation and infrastructure changes for both the health department and its community providers.

During this webinar, hosted by the Integrated HIV/AIDS Planning (IHAP) TA Center, the Washington State Department of Health described their experience, challenges, and lessons learned with integrating the funding of prevention and care services within their state.

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