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How to Build and Expand a Jail Linkage Program

September 27, 2013
Author: IHIP


The goal of Integrating HIV Innovative Practices (IHIP) is to enable health care providers to implement proven innovations within their own practices and clinics.

This Webinar featured grantees of the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS). The subject of this webinar is Enhancing Linkages to HIV Care & Services in Jail Settings Initiative (Jail Linkages Initiative).  Lessons and advice were shared, and advice was provided for others hoping to create or expand similar programs.

Learn how to build a new jail linkage program and what to consider for expanding an existing one.

The following Jail Linkages SPNS grantees described the steps their programs took to implement their respective jail linkage programs. Advice was provided for others hoping to replicate this work:

  • Dr. Timothy Flanigan of Miriam Hospital
  • Alison Jordan of New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Dr. Ann Avery of Care Alliance Health Center 

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