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2015 Clinical Data – More Than Complete

September 1, 2016

Data and Reporting TA Team

All of the efforts to improve data completeness for key clinical data elements – CD4 count, viral load, and more recently, ART, have paid off with only approximately 5% of these required data still missing.

We have a new goal for improving data quality. We are now shifting our focus to include what the data shows for a client. This will look at four additional clinical data elements: mental health screening, substance abuse screening, prescription of PCP prophylaxis, and Hepatitis B vaccination. We will be looking to see if your data show adequate care, and find out if this is an issue of data quality.

In September 2016, DART will begin following up with providers with more than 90% No or missing responses for Hepatitis B vaccination or prescription of PCP prophylaxis or more than 50% No or missing responses for substance abuse screening or mental health screening, as indicated by the red bars in the below histograms.

Most providers are reporting “No” for the vast majority of their clients for PCP prophylaxis and Hepatitis B vaccination; it is possible they are not properly using the “Not Medically Indicated” category.

hepatitis B vaccine percent of clients with no or missing responses

PCP prophylaxis no or unknown responses

A smaller group of providers are reporting “No” for a majority of their clients for mental health and substance abuse screenings. Perhaps these providers are not correctly reporting the data OR clients are not actually receiving these services.

substance abuse screening missing or unknown rates

Mental health services no or unknown responses

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