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2016 Open Enrollment & Health Insurance Plan Renewals: What You Need to Know

October 23, 2015

ACE TA Center

ACE: Access, Care, Engagement

Open Enrollment for 2016 Marketplace plans begins November 1! Wondering what may be different this year? In this webinar, learn about what your clients need to do to get enrolled or renew their health insurance, and make sure they get the right financial help. Find out why it is important for enrolled clients to log into the health insurance marketplace and for many of these clients to make sure they filed their 2014 taxes.

This webinar also introduces the following new ACE TA Center tools for consumers and an updated tool to help with plan renewals:

  1. Making the Most of Your Coverage - Consumer Guide
  2. Get Covered for a Healthy Life - Consumer Q&A
  3. My Health Insurance Works for Me - Poster Series
  4. Marketplace Plan Renewal Flowchart

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