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2017 HRSA HAB DSHAP Part B Virtual Administrative Reverse Site Visit

September 14, 2017


Presentation slides from each day of the August 29-31, 2017 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part B Reverse Site Visit.

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Day 1

Welcome and Introductions

The RWHAP Legislation and Policies

    National Monitoring Standards Update

    Interactive Workshops


    • Money Matters (Brad Barney, Branch Chief, Office of Financial Assistance Management/Division of Grants Management Operations/HIV/AIDS and Rural Health Branch, HAB)
    • Money Matters (Jan Joyce, Senior Advisor for Grants Policy, Office of the Associate Administrator, HAB)

    Clinical Quality Management (CQM)

    AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

    • ADAP 101 (Glenn Clark, ADAP Advisor, DSHAP, HAB. Kerry Hill, Project Officer, DSHAP, HAB)


    Day 2

    Interactive Workshops

    • RWHAP Part B Reporting Requirements (Wendy Briscoe, Reporting Requirements Workgroup Chair, Project Officer, DSHAP, HAB LCDR.  Anita Edwards, Southern Services Branch Chief, DSHAP, HAB. Kerry Hill, Reporting Requirements Workgroup Co-Chair, Project Officer, DSHAP, HAB)
    • Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) (Pamela Belton, John Hannay, Chau Nguyen, Melinda Tinsley - Project Officers, Office of Training and Capacity Development, HAB)
    • Data Reports (Glenn Clark, ADAP Advisor, DSHAP, HAB.  Miranda Fanning, Supervisory Public Health Analyst, Division of Policy and Data, HAB. Paul Mandsager, Division of Policy and Data, HAB Amy Richter-Griffin, Project Officer, DSHAP, HAB)
    • Data to Care Strategies (Ariel VanZandt, HIV Prevention Consultant Washington State Department of Health, Infectious Disease Prevention Section. Richard.Aleshire, Director, Washington State Department of Health.
      Stacy Cohen, MPH Chief, Division of Policy and Data, HAB.  Dr. Pamela Klein, Health Scientist, Division of Policy and Data, HAB) 
    • Responding to the Epidemic; Increasing Access and Health Literacy (Dr. Magnus Azuine, Project Officer, DSHAP, HAB)
    • In It Together (Mira Levinson, Project Director, In It Together: Improving Health Literacy for Black MSM, JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.)
    • His Health (Terrance Moore, Deputy Executive Director, Center for Engaging Black MSM Across the Care Continuum (CEBACC), National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors)

    Day 3

    Interactive Workshops

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