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ADAP Data Report (ADR) XML Schema Implementation Guide

November 21, 2018

Data and Reporting TA Team

The ADR XML Schema Implementation Guide, formerly called the ADR Data Dictionary, provides reference information for grantees on the allowable structure, sequence, values, and format of ADR client-level data XML files.  All ADR client-level data XML files must conform to the definitions in this document. Grantees can use this guide to prepare and create their own applications and processes for extracting the appropriate data from their own data sources and converting it to the required XML format.

The ADR XML Schema Implementation Guide is also part of the ADR Download Package.

Sections include:

·         Overview of the ADR Client XML File

·         ADR Client XML data Elements

·         ADR Client Level Data XML File Format

·         Resources

Updates: The 2017 ADR combined the Current Gender (GenderID) and Transgender (TransgenderID) data elements. The ADR XML Schema Implementation Guide was updated to address the following changes:

  • The TransgenderID element was removed
  • The GenderID element was updated to include the transgender response options.  


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