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CQII Leadership Program

December 10, 2019
Author: CQII

Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII)

The CQII Leadership Program is a capacity building and sustainability approach for end+disparities ECHO Collaborative members who are interested in enhancing their individual skills to take on a co-facilitation role in the Collaborative Affinity Group Sessions. Participant involvement will result in enhancing their capacity to facilitate virtual Affinity sessions, strengthening the voices of HIV providers in improvement discussions, and potentially leading to improved sustainability as those individuals might become future faculty members of Collaborative Affinity Sessions.

The General Concept

Recruit 1-2 Collaborative participants per subpopulation-specific Affinity Group to be mentored by a faculty member to obtain the necessary skills and capacity to take on the role of an Affinity Faculty member and co-facilitate upcoming sessions. In addition, all participants across all groups will join monthly 60-min sessions that are facilitated by CQII staff to prepare them for upcoming sessions and share their experiences with others.


Any participant who is actively participating in the Collaborative, is knowledgeable of the Collaborative (e.g., mission, expectations, tools), has informal leadership skills and strong facilitation skills to run a group, and has a strong QI background.

Time Commitment

  • Affinity Session: twice a month for one hour + one hour of prep time before each Affinity Session (e.g., join the Affinity Session 20 minutes early and stay on after for a debrief session)

  • Networking Session: once a month for one hour to learn more about the Collaborative and debrief their Affinity Sessions.

Selection Process

All applications need to complete an online nomination form to indicate their interest. Based on the submitted applications, CQII will determine the 1-2 individuals per subpopulation-specific Affinity Group in collaboration with the Collaborative Planning Group.


CQII hopes to launch this program in April 2019 to ensure that the accepted applicants are fully trained and gain the necessary capacity until December 2019.

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