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Everything You Want to Know About Financial Assistance for 2019 Health Plans

October 24, 2018

ACE TA Center

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How to help clients apply for financial assistance to help lower health insurance costs, and the role that taxes play in maintaining eligibility for this assistance.

Please note: Information can help with 2020 enrollment

ACE TA Center presenters provided case managers, benefits and enrollment staff, and other RWHAP program staff with an orientation to Premium Tax Credits (PTCs) and Cost Sharing Reductions (CSRs), including information on eligibility requirements for each subsidy. Presenters used case studies to demonstrate how PTCs and CSRs work in practice, and underscore the importance of updating income and household information throughout the year to avoid under- and over-payments. Presenters also explained how the RWHAP, including ADAP, can help clients pay premiums and cost-sharing expenses.


This training webinar is especially useful to program managers, case managers and other staff that conduct outreach, benefits counseling and enrollment activities, as well as the recipient staff that support these programs.

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