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Evidence-Informed Interventions: Initial Lessons Learned from a Multi-Site Intervention

August 27, 2018
Author: Boston University School of Social Work Center for Innovation in Social Work and Health, Abt Associates, HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Dissemination of Evidence Informed-Interventions Project (DEII)


In this webinar, leaders from the Dissemination of Evidence Informed Interventions (DEII) project, provided preliminary data and lessons learned from the pre-implementation and early-implementation phases of their initiatives.

Presenters discussed the core components of the following research areas:

  • Integrating buprenorphine treatment in HIV primary care

  • Peer linkage and re-engagement for women of color
  • Enhanced peer navigation for women of color
  • Jail transitional care coordination

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the core components of the four adapted interventions implemented in the DEII initiative.
  2. Identify pre-implementation lessons-learned and strategies for adaptation of the interventions.
  3. Identify DEII initiative resources available for download. 

Webinar Speakers

  • Sally Bachman, Principal Investigator, Boston University
  • Jane Fox, Transitional Care Coordination Lead, Abt Associates
  • Corliss Heath, Health Scientist, DEII Project Officer, HRSA
  • Alexis Marbach, Integration of Buprenorphine Lead, Abt Associates
  • April Stubbs-Smith, Director of the Division of Domestic Programs, HRSA

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