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Get to Know the In It Together Health Literacy Project

June 14, 2018

ACE TA Center

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Better health starts with health literacy! The In It Together Health Literacy Project trains health professionals to better recognize the signs of limited health literacy and its impact on people living with HIV. The In It Together community health literacy training is currently available in some communities across the U.S. 

During this webinar, participants learned: 

  • How limited health literacy impacts the health of people living with HIV
  • How to identify when a client is struggling with health literacy
  • Approaches and resources to promote health literacy for clients
  • The cultural, social, and environmental factors that can impact the health literacy of racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse people
  • How In It Together resources could benefit their organization or community

Participants also heard from two In It Together trainers who shared their experience providing the community health literacy training in their own communities. 

To learn more about In It Together and to download the resources highlighted in this webinar, please visit the In It Together website.

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