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Introduction to Oral Health: Oral Screening and Dental Management (Chapters 1-2)

March 2014
Author: Jeffery D. Hill, DMD


Overview of oral health and learning objectives for the webinar curriculum, Integrating Oral Health Care in HIV Primary Care Settings: A Guide to Oral Health Care for PLWH, which is designed to assist primary care providers with the information they need to recognize and manage oral health and disease for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Chapter 1: Oral Health Learning Objectives

  1. Answer the question “What is oral health?”
  2. Discuss the importance of oral health.
  3. Review the burden of oral disease.
  4. Recognize the appearance of healthy normal oral anatomy and common variants of normal.
  5. Learn a systematic approach to an efficient oral screening technique (see video).

Chapter 2: Dental Management Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss oral-systemic connections in PLWHA.
  2. Recognize the role of the primary care clinician in promoting oral health.
  3. Describe the elements of effective medical-dental collaboration and effective dental referral.

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