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Needs Assessment: Sustainable Strategies for RWHAP Community Organizations

May 2018

Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC)

These are the results of a needs assessment. It is a guide to the development of training and technical assistance services. The goal? To help AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and Community-based Organizations (CBOs) increase direct HIV care and treatment.

Assistance is being provided under the Sustainable Strategies for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Community Organizations project.  It will entail revising and/or developing service models and establishing business agreements with core medical and support providers. This will help increase engagement and retention of people with HIV. 

One hundred and forty (140) RWHAP-funded ASOs and CBOs completed the assessment, providing information about their financial landscape, staff capacity, infrastructure and systems, and use of data. Respondents also identified the specific topic areas that most interested them for training and technical assistance services.

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