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Organizational Self-Assessment Tool Identifying Opportunities to Expand Contracting and Reimbursement from Insurance Plans

September 17, 2015

CRE TA Center

Organizational Self Assessment Cover

Tool for assessing your organization’s strengths and gaps in areas that are of importance to insurers and that support maximizing revenue realized from contracting activities. Staff time is the principal investment in conducting the assessment. The results can help bring your organization to a new level of contracting and third-party reimbursement. This self-assessment provides you with the tools to:

  • Examine your organization’s capacity in the key areas that are important for contracting.
  • Prepare to emphasize your organization’s strengths when entering negotiations.
  • Identify organizational gaps that you and your colleagues can begin to address.
  • The Self-Assessment Tool is designed for organizations with HIV services as the single focus, larger, multi-program organizations, and organizations with multiple HIV program sites. 

This tool contains three self-assessments that can help you examine different areas of your organization that are important for contracting with insurance plans participating in Medicaid and the ACA Marketplace.

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