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Overview of Policy Clarification Notices 15-03 Program Income and 15-04 Pharmaceutical Rebates for Recipients

December 2, 2015



This webinar provided an overview of two Policy Clarification Notices (PCNs) released by HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau.

  • PCN 15-03:  Clarification Regarding the RWHAP and Program Income. This policy outlines HAB’s policy regarding program income generated and received as a result of the receipt of a RWHAP award. It also provides a definition of program income and guidance regarding its use and reporting requirements.
  • PCN 15-04:  Utilization of Pharmaceutical Rebates. This policy clarifies HAB’s guidelines for the utilization and reporting of pharmaceutical rebates by RWHAP AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) and the effect of other program provisions on these rebates.

The webinar explained how the policies may affect recipient and sub-recipient programs and identify resources to obtain additional information.

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