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Program Terms Report/Allocations Report Instruction Manual

May 9, 2019
Author: WRMA and CSR


PTS Manual Cover image

Instructions on how all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients can access, complete, and submit the Program Terms Report/Allocations Report, which is linked via the Grantee Contract Management System (GCMS) to the:

The GCMS is a data warehouse that shares information between various reports. Contract information is entered into the GCMS and retrieved automatically by the various reports that need the information. The PTR/Allocations Report is a financial report that accounts for all funding received from HAB.

Funding can be allocated to three funding categories:

  • Administrative Services
  • Core Medical Services
  • Support Services

These funding categories are separated into 30 service categories to meet the needs of people with HIV. The amount of funding allocated to these service categories is reported to Congress to show the value of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and its continuing efforts to meet the needs of people with HIV in the United States and its territories.

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