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Program Terms Report/Allocations Report Instruction Manual

August 10, 2018
Author: WRMA and CSR


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The Program Terms Report/Allocations Report Instruction Manual provides instructions on how all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients can access, complete, and submit the Program Terms Report/Allocations Report.

The PTR/Allocations Report is linked to the following:

This data linkage is accomplished through the Grantee Contract Management System (GCMS). The GCMS is a data warehouse that shares information between various reports. Contract information is entered into the GCMS and retrieved automatically by the various reports that need the information. The PTR/Allocations Report is a financial report that accounts for all funding received from HAB.

Funding can be allocated to three funding categories:

  • Administrative Services
  • Core Medical Services
  • Support Services

These funding categories are separated into 30 service categories to meet the needs of HIV-affected clients. The amount of funding allocated to these service categories is reported to Congress to show the value of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) and its continuing efforts to meet the needs of the HIV-affected population in the United States and its territories.

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