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PWH Involvement in Case Conferencing

June 23, 2020
Author: Adam Thompson, CQII Coach l Kimberly McCargo, BSN, MPH - Director of Population Health, CompleteCare Health Network l Terri Fox, MSW - Grants Manager, Jefferson Health New Jersey Infectious Diseases EIP Progra

Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII)

Summary of the Webinar

Persons with HIV bring a shared lived experience with clients and patients in RWHAPs.  Leveraging this experience through integration into activities such as data drill-downs and case conferencing, quality management teams can enhance their QI projects and outcomes.  This webinar will focus on real-world examples of two clinics integrating PWH into their quality improvement projects and share best practice and lessons learned. 


Learning Objectives

  • Review Not-In-Numerator Reporting (Drilling Down the Data) and Case Conferencing Processes
  • Highlight two QI projects which leveraged PWH involvement in Case Conferencing to improve outcomes
  • Discuss lessons learned from the QI project and PWH involvement

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