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Revenue Cycle Management: After the Client Visit

March 2016

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Tips to ensure that claim submission is a routine part of your organization’s revenue cycle will help maximize reimbursement.

Tips for Submitting Claims

  • Be timely - Daily claims submission may be necessary for busy healthcare practices. If you are using a billing service or contractor, ensure that they are submitting claims in a timely manner. Claim submission should be a routine part of your revenue cycle.
  • Optimize your billing software – Become more familiar regarding features available in your billing software to make claim submission easier. Ensure that your staff are adequately trained to use the software.
  • Use ERA when available - Many insurers now use Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) to transmit information about accepted and rejected claims. These ERA processes allow healthcare organizations to post payment information automatically and quickly identify and address denials to make required corrections.

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