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Taxes and Health Coverage: What You Need to Know (Consumer Resource)

March 2019

ACE TA Center

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In 2019, many Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program clients may need to file a 2018 federal tax return depending on whether or not they had health coverage in 2018 and what type of coverage they had.

This mobile-friendly consumer resource helps clients answer key questions about health coverage and tax filing:

  • "Do I need to file taxes?"
  • "What should I have with me when I file taxes?"
  • "Could someone help me file my taxes?"

The tool walks users through a series of questions about what type of health coverage they had last year (such as Marketplace, Medicaid, employer-sponsored, or other coverage). There is also an option for clients who did not have coverage.

For clients who had Marketplace coverage, the tool includes information about how to reconcile the advance premium tax credits (APTCs) or apply for the credit when they file their taxes.

Printable PDF versions of the tools are available below. Choose the version based on how the client did (or did not) have coverage last year.

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