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Time & Effort Reporting for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program: Parts C & D

July 2016


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Time and effort reporting requirements for HHS awards, including the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, are delineated in 45 CFR 47 Section 430(i), Standards for documentation of personnel expenses. This webinar provides an overview of the requirements outlined in Uniform Guidance related to time and effort reporting and presents challenges and best practices for RWHAP recipients and subrecipients.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the Uniform Guidance for HHS awards as it pertains to time and effort reporting or timekeeping
  • Describe industry practices for timekeeping 
    • Rigorous procedures with strong internal controls 
    • Sample rules for time and effort reporting 
  • Discuss the consequences of non-compliance 
  • Indicate time and effort requirements that most impact RWHAP

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