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AETC ShareSpot on Long-Acting Injectable Arm and PrEP Alternative

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Two HIV drug regimen Phase 3 studies are summarized in the April 25 AETC ShareSpot: one comparing the efficacy of a potential but unapproved alternative to PrEP, the second on a injectable antiretroviral regimen.

  • Long-Acting Injectable ART: Cabotegravir + Rilpivirine summarizes positive findings from the regimen's Phase 3 trial (presented at CROI 2019) and highlights potential clinical practice concerns (e.g., patient toleration for injection site reactions) as this treatment option is likely to be approved by FDA later this year.
  • PrEP: TDF/FTC vs TAF/FTC in MSM (quite the acronym tumble) summarizes data showing comparable results between the only approved PrEP regimen TDF/FTC (Truvada) with TAF/TFC (Descovy). However, concerns exist (e.g., efficacy in populations other than MSM). 

Both summaries are by UCSF's Dr. Susa Coffey. 

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