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AIDS 2020 in Videos

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Face it. Attending virtually is a new challenge. The YouTube videos from the 23rd International AIDS Conference provide some nice options for getting a broad overview of perspectives from across the globe. Add them to your watch list, along with U.S. Government free video sessions, listed at Free AIDS 2020 Sessions This Week.

AIDS 2020 YouTube playlists include the Virtual DAILY (watch an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci and community members, below), the Virtual Global Village & Youth Programme (Episode One interviews by a host from Turkey posing questions about local HIV work to youth guests from Bhutan, Berlin via Ireland, the U.S., Lebanon, and the U.K.), and On the Red Sofa (a Sir, a Duke, a Speaker, a Congresswoman, an Executive Director). 

Review AIDS 2020 Select Studies of Interest from CDC from


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