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Apply to be a Health Literacy Trainer

Thursday, September 13, 2018

In It Together

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From the HRSA-funded ACE TA Center Listserv

The In It Together Health Literacy Project is looking for applicants from selected communities of focus for its new In It Together: Health Literacy for All training-of-trainers.

In It Together for All is designed for health professionals serving a diverse spectrum of people living with and at risk for HIV. The In It Together for All Community Training helps improve the capacity of these health professionals to deliver health literate services to their clients and thereby improve their health outcomes.

The project is seeking community trainers that:

  • Live in selected communities of focus
  • Are comfortable talking about HIV, sexuality, culture, social determinants of health, and stigma
  • Have great relationships with health care organizations in their community
  • Have prior experience training health professionals
  • Want to build their own capacity to deliver health literate care services

Selected trainers will:

  • Participate in six training-of-trainer sessions between October 15-22, 2018
  • Schedule and conduct the 1-hour In It Together for All Community Training to health professionals in their community
  • Receive compensation for delivering the Community Training

Apply Online by September 17, 2018

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