COVID-19 Data Report Guidance


From the DART Team Listserv - Dear Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Colleagues:

The Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau (HRSA HAB) would like to share our data collection activities for the FY 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding. HRSA HAB has developed a data reporting plan that accounts for how the CARES Act funds were used while minimizing recipient reporting burden.  These changes will apply to Ryan White HIV/AIDS (RWHAP) Program recipients and subrecipients of CARES Act funding. Please share this email with your CARES Act funded subrecipients and providers. 

The data collection changes are as follows.

  • New Monthly COVID-19 Data Report (CDR) - New aggregate monthly data report, will be due in June 2020, OMB approval pending (see below for detailed information on the CDR and reporting periods); all providers (recipient-providers, subrecipient-providers, and second-level providers) who used HRSA HAB CARES Act funding will be required to report
  • New COVID-19 Allocation and Expenditures Reports - New COVID-19 Allocations and Expenditures Reports (OMB approval pending; all CARES Act funded recipients). The below information outlines the proposed new monthly COVID-19 Data Report (CDR) for all CARES Act funded recipients and subrecipients. Additional information about the Allocations and Expenditures Reports will be made available soon.
  • New COVID-19 Data Report (CDR) - HRSA HAB has requested approval from OMB to create a new short, aggregate monthly data report to collect information on CARES Act funded activities. This module will be required for all providers (regardless of whether they are recipients or subrecipient) who receive CARES Act funding. See the proposed CDR Module. An approved, final version will be shared as soon as it is available. 

Proposed CDR Module

Below are some key questions and answers regarding the CDR.

  • Who should complete the monthly report?  All providers (recipient-providers, subrecipient-providers, and second-level providers) who used CARES Act funding to provide RWHAP core medical or support services to RWHAP-eligible clients.
  • What clients should be reported? RWHAP-eligible clients and eligible household members who receive services using CARES Act funds.
  • How many reports should each provider site complete? Provider agencies should complete only one CDR for all funding streams (e.g., A provider that receives RWHAP Part A and Part C CARES Act funding will complete only one CDR)
  • When should data be reported? The first data submission will be due June 15, 2020 and monthly thereafter. Because CARES Act funding can be used to cover services retroactively back to January 20, 2020, the first data submission will include 3 distinct reports, collecting information on 3 different time periods:
    • January 20, 2020 – March 31, 2020  (pre-award)
    • April 1–30, 2020
    • May 1–31, 2020
  • Will technical assistance (TA) be available? Yes! HAB’s TA providers will be available to assist you.  In May, we will distribute an instruction manual and schedule a training webinar. Watch your inbox for details and dates.

If you have any questions please contact HRSA HAB

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