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CROI Summaries from the New England AETC

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


From the AETC Monthly Update, April 2020 - The New England AETC has prepared three slide summaries of insights from CROI 2020, held in virtual format in March.  The slide sets, which pack in summaries from CROI 2020 abstracts and journal articles, include:

  • CROI 2020 Update: Focus on ART - The 36 slides cover new ART studies (e.g., long-acting), ART in pregnancy, weight gain and ART, as well as COVID-19 and HIV.
  • Challenges to Achieving Health Equity in HIV: Lessons from CROI - These 37 slides review disparities in HIV, hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections, viral suppression variations across populations, and HIV in select urban areas and outbreak locations (Indiana and West Virginia). Select slides summarize intervention activities at sites.
  • CROI Update on Bio-Behavioral HIV Prevention - The 39 slides in this presentation review, for example, rapid start and PrEP (including PrEP implant studies).

To learn more about sessions/abstracts cited in the slides, see CROI 2020 Quick Links


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