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Facilitating Conversations on HIV Stigma

Friday, October 18, 2019


A microsite with tools on how to conduct a community conversation on HIV stigma and discrimination, and create a subsequent plan of action, has been released by NASTAD. The site, Talking Points: The Resource Guide for Facilitating Stigma Conversations, is organized under the following three sections, with extensive links to academic journal articles and practical tools from NASTAD, HRSA, CDC, and other entities:

  • Stigma Topics are broken down into six sections, each presented with a (wisely) short 3-4 minute video to frame the topic. The above video is from Messaging and Online Resources and presents varied links to tools like the HRSA-funded His Health and Well Versed projects and the Trauma Informed Toolkit, another HRSA-funded NASTAD resource.
  • Stigma Conversation How to Guide has nine sections, from preparing for a community conversation to logistics to evaluation. 
  • Stigma Facilitator Guide Examples provide six samples, including the HIV/AIDS Stigma and Access to Care Facilitator's Guide, developed by NMAC with HRSA funding. 

See our Stigma/Legal topic page for more resources

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