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Help Clients Use Their Coverage and Stay Covered

Thursday, February 14, 2019


From the ACE TA Center Listserv  

Enrollment is just the beginning. Health insurance literacy helps clients avoid gaps and make the most of their coverage.

Share these plain language ACE TA Center consumer resources with clients to help them:

  1. Understand how their coverage works so they can best navigate the health system for all of their health care needs.
  2. Understand how to stay covered all year long to ensure continuous access to essential medications and health services.
  3. Determine if they are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) outside of Open Enrollment.

Making the Most of Your Coverage (updated for 2019!)


This guide helps newly enrolled clients start using their coverage through the following topics:

  • Identifying important health insurance documents
  • Defining key insurance terms
  • Learning more about their plan
  • Anticipating potential health care costs
  • Knowing where to go for care
  • Making the most of each medical visit

Also available in Spanish (Usando su cobertura médica al máximo: guía para el cliente) and Haitian Creole (Jwenn tout Avantaj Nèt nan Pwoteksyon ou an – Gid pou Konsomatè)

Stay Covered All Year Long


Share this guide with clients to reinforce key messages about what they need to do to keep their health coverage throughout the year, including: 

  • Paying premiums on time
  • Reporting income and household changes
  • How to fill in gaps in their HIV care and medications if they lose coverage

Also available in Spanish (Mantenga su cobertura médica durante todo el año (recurso para clientes))

Stay Covered All Year Long Poster Series

Print and display these posters around your agency to raise awareness of what clients need to do to stay covered throughout the year. Customize them with your contact information. The poster messages complement the key messages in the Stay Covered All Year Long resource.

Also available in Spanish (Mi seguro de salud trabaja para mí: serie de pósteres sobre cómo mantener la cobertura)

Special Enrollment Periods Fact Sheet

Speical Enrollment Period Fact Sheet Logo

Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) are one way for eligible clients to avoid gaps in coverage, and stay covered all year long. This fact sheet provides an overview of the qualifying life events and special circumstances that trigger an SEP, and what to do if clients think they are eligible.

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