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HIV Data in Action: Training Tool

Thursday, March 28, 2019


HIV planning bodies seeking to educate their members on the use of public health surveillance data in HIV prevention programming can turn to a rather nifty CDC slide set--fully loaded with talking points and ample visual appeal.

HIV Data in Action has 32 slides and is designed for a 20-minute presentation

Segments cover the following:

  • HIV prevention landscape: The varied prevention techniques, from testing to PrEP and HIV prevention goals and challenges to meeting them
  • Traditional public health practice: The role of HIV surveillance in monitoring disease conditions and targeting resources in response
  • New technologies: Including the evolution in public health data reporting from identifying populations being most affected, to drilling down into identifying who is not receiving HIV care (Data to Care), and genetic testing of HIV strains (molecular data) to pinpoint HIV infections that are genetically similar to then target resources given "that HIV is spreading 10 times faster in these networks, compared to the average
  • Examples: Four communities/states that used molecular data 
  • Community concerns and engagement: From public trust in protecting personal information to working with community groups on sharing ideas and strategies to use data most effectively
Access HRSA TA/training on both care/prevention planning (Integrated HIV/AIDS Planning Technical Assistance Center) and building Part A planning body capacity(Planning CHATT)

Watch the HIV Data in Action Presentation

October 2018 CDC webinar on HIV Data in Action 

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