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HIV Diagnoses Among Persons 13–29 Years

Friday, February 23, 2018


New HIV infections in the U.S. are disproportionately among younger people and vary considerably across various age brackets, with rates being highest among those in their later twenties, according to CDC data in HIV Diagnoses Among Persons Aged 13–29 Years — United States, 2010–2014.

Report Summary:

  • Those aged 13–29 years are 23% of the U.S. population but 40% of HIV diagnoses (2014)
  • HIV diagnoses rates vary widely by various age groupings, from fairly lower rates of .07 to 16.5 per 100,000 among those 13-19 to much higher rates of or 31.3 to 34 per 100,000 for individuals 22-27 before the rate drops back down to 28.7 among those 28-29 years of age

The study summary states that the "findings underscore the importance of using a multifaceted approach and targeting primary prevention efforts to persons aged <18 years and continuing through the period of elevated risk in their mid-twenties."

CDC Chart on HIV Diagnoses Among Youth in the U.S. 2010-2014
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