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HRSA Updates PCNs on Admin Cap, CQM

Friday, September 11, 2020



From HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau - HRSA HAB Updates Policy Clarification Notices 15-01 and 15-02

On September 1, HRSA HAB updated PCN 15-01 Treatment of Costs under the 10% Administrative Cap for RWHAP Parts A, B, C, and D and PCN 15-02 Clinical Quality Management to provide additional clarification related to allowable costs for staff training.

The updated PCNs remove the prohibition of the use of RWHAP funds to pay for professional licensure and related costs. Removing the prohibition on the use of RWHAP funds for professional licensure will enhance an individual’s or an organization’s ability to recruit and retain staff and improve the quality of care provided to RWHAP-eligible clients. Membership dues for professional organizations are also an allowable administrative cost.

HRSA HAB policy on allocation of staff training costs remains in effect.  Staff training costs may be allocable as either an administrative, CQM or a direct service cost where such training is necessary to ensure the provision of high-quality RWHAP services. Staff training costs allocated to a direct service category cannot exceed 5% of the dollars allocated to provide that given service. Previously, Policy Notice 11-04 articulated HRSA HAB policy related to staff training. As a result of the additional clarifications outlined in PCN 15-01 and 15-02, 11-04 is no longer in effect.

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