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Medicare Resource Spotlight

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


From the ACE TA Center Listserv - We know you're busy gearing up for Marketplace Open Enrollment — but we have three new tools to help ensure your organization and eligible clients are ready for Medicare Open Enrollment, too.

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Did you know...?

  1. October 15 to December 7 is the annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period when people who are already enrolled in Medicare can review or change their plans. 
  2. People can only sign up for Medicare for the first time during one of three enrollment periods: the Initial Enrollment Period (when you turn 65); a Special Enrollment Period; or the General Enrollment Period (if you missed signing up when you turn 65). 
  3. There are more older adults living with HIV, and served by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP), than ever before. Forty four percent of RWHAP clients are aged 50 years and older. (Learn more: Ryan White and HIV/AIDS Aging Awareness Day.)

Have questions about Medicare? Our tools have answers.

The ACE TA Center has three new resources to help you learn more about Medicare eligibility, enrollment, and coverage for RWHAP clients and other people with HIV. Learn more below about what topics each resource covers.

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The Basics of Medicare for RWHAP Clients (PDF)

  • The common Medicare eligibility pathways for people with HIV 
  • The different parts of Medicare, including their coverage and costs 
  • How you can support RWHAP clients to enroll in Medicare 
  • How the RWHAP can help clients with Medicare costs

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Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage for RWHAP Clients (PDF)

  • How clients get Medicare prescription drug coverage
  • Medicare prescription drug coverage for HIV medications 
  • How can the RWHAP, including its AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), help clients pay for Medicare prescription drug coverage
  • The “donut hole” period for prescription drug coverage

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How Medicare Enrollment Works (PDF)

  • The difference between the Initial Enrollment Period, Special Enrollment Period, and General Enrollment Period for Medicare
  • When clients need to enroll in Medicare to avoid late enrollment penalties
  • What clients enrolled in a Marketplace plan should do when they enroll in Medicare
  • How clients can make changes to their Medicare coverage

Stay tuned for more Medicare resources from the ACE TA Center in the coming year.

Have a specific Medicare and RWHAP question? Email us at [email protected]


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