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New Resource: Preparing for 2019 Open Enrollment

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


From the ACE TA Center - Over the coming weeks, we will share action steps, resources, and other information to help you and your organization get ready for the start of Open Enrollment on November 1st!

2019 Open Enrollment Timeline

Today, we share our new Preparing for 2019 Open Enrollment resource page, which includes a timeline and key steps to prepare, as well as links to tools and resources to support efficient and successful enrollment of all eligible clients.

View Preparing for 2019 Open Enrollment Resources

Highlighted action steps for August:

  • Assess staff workload and develop a scheduling plan. Open Enrollment can be a busy time for staff as they support clients’ enrollment in health coverage, while also staying on top of other ongoing tasks. Learn how to help prepare staff for the 45-day Marketplace Open Enrollment period, and ensure your program has adequate personnel resources available to facilitate enrollments. View supporting resources.
  • Build enrollment partnerships and educate community partners. During Open Enrollment, staff will work directly with clients who may have questions and concerns about health insurance, plan options, and the enrollment process. Learn how to train staff members on these topics so they are prepared to educate clients and successfully facilitate enrollments. View supporting resources.
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