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New Tools for Doing Planning Work, Virtually

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Planning CHATT | EGM Consulting, LLC

From the Planning CHATT Listserv

Virtual Meetings and Emergency Operations Resources for PC/PBs

Based on discussions with Planning Council Support (PCS) staff from around the country over the last few months, Planning CHATT has developed the following resources to support planning councils/planning bodies (PC/PBs) as they set up and refine systems for conducting virtual operations and meetings.

Remote Meetings: Tips for PC/PBs

This resource offers field-tested tips and strategies for conducting remote PC/PB meetings, and covers preparing for meetings, running meetings, and follow-up.

Connectivity for PC/PB Members during the COVID-19 Emergency: Tips for PCS Staff

As most PC/PBs are holding their meetings virtually during the COVID-19 public health emergency, a basic issue is members’ varied access to devices and the internet. This resource offers tips for addressing member connectivity challenges.

Bylaws Provisions That Facilitate PC/PB Operations in an Emergency

As they meet and conduct planning activities remotely during the current emergency, many PC/PBs have faced challenges beyond technology and connectivity, including:

  • Delayed member appointments and officer elections
  • Issues reaching quorum in remote meetings
  • PC/PB operations under emergency conditions

This resource explains how carefully written bylaws provisions can help to address these challenges, and provides sample bylaws provisions from PC/PBs.

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