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One Minute HIV Answers for Consumers: #AskTheHIVDoc

Friday, March 16, 2018


Got a little over a minute to spare and a pressing question about HIV? #AskTheHIVDoc is a consumer-focused video series with quick answers from a handful of HIV clinicians. PrEP, dealing with a new diagnosis, safer sex and the meaning of undetectable HIV are some of the topics covered in the 30 videos available as of mid-March 2018. Video titles are mostly clear ("HIV Positive? What's Next") but some endearing head-scratchers ("Switching") are sprinkled among the collection. #AskTheHIVDoc is a campaign by the Kaiser Family Foundation's Greater Than AIDS project. 

Resources for HIV clinicians--guidelines, online training curricula, blogs and much more--can be found on the HRSA-funded AETC National Coordinating Resource Center website.

Looking for HIV care. Find a Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program clinic near you.


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