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Patient Navigators in Louisiana Enhance Linkages to Care

Friday, February 15, 2019


Results and features of a HRSA-funded linkage to HIV care model are outlined in Linkage-To-Care: A Model for Success; King, Canfield, Olsen; Openventio Publishers). The article summarizes the impact of Patient Navigators in helping achieve a significant jump in linkages to care within 90 days, from 50% to around 90%. The effort was funded under HRSA's SPNS Initiative: Systems Linkages and Access to Care, 2011-2016.

Simplicity of the model (for both patients and providers) was cited as essential, including keeping to a minimum the number of clinic visits necessary for patients to complete paperwork and enrollment. Staff training in adopting new techniques is also necessary. Program wishing to use the model should be prepared to freely modify its features to adjust to their systems and resources.

See also Replication Resources: SPNS Systems Linkages and Access to Care

Patient Navigation Flow Chart

PN: Patient Navigator; CTR: Counseling, Testing & Referrals; DIS: Disease Intervention Specialist with the Office of Public Health

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