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Performance Measures Update Adds Retention in Care

Monday, December 9, 2019


The latest update of the HRSA HAB Performance Measures have been released and include a new performance measure: Annual Retention in Care, listed under the document of Core measures. The retention in care measure was developed and added in response to feedback from Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients and providers. HRSA notes that the retention in care performance measure is geared towards people with HIV who have sustained viral suppression.

The HRSA HAB Performance Measures were first created in 2008 and have undergone periodic updates over time to reflect new insights in HIV care. As such, resources like the Frequently Asked Questions and various technical assistance documents on this site (e.g., HIVQM Module, CAREWare guides) may not reflect this latest update. Contact your HRSA HAB project officer and see HRSA-funded Clinical Quality Management technical help for additional guidance. 

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