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Quality Academy: Something for Everyone

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


From the CQII Listserv - The Quality Academy has over 25 online training tutorials covering a range of topics from quality management concepts, data collection and analysis, quality tools, HAB performance measures, and more. Each tutorial runs about 20 minutes so they are a quick and easy way to learn something new or refresh what you already know. The tutorials are available in English and Spanish.

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There are also four tutorials specifically for consumers that are designed to foster consumer involvement in Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipient's clinical quality management programs and give them a meaningful voice in quality improvement activities. These tutorials assist consumers in becoming better self-managers and in learning the basic principles and practices of quality improvement. Many recipients have used the tutorials as a training curriculum for consumers who are participating in quality management activities.

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CQII will be updating the existing tutorials with new content over the coming months and adding new tutorials. This will ensure that the tutorials continue to be current with the ever-evolving field of quality improvement in general and specific to healthcare. We encourage you to give us suggestions on ways to improve existing tutorials or topics for new tutorials.

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