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Schedule Account Tune-ups to Prepare Clients for Open Enrollment

Friday, July 27, 2018


From the ACE TA Center - In Part 2 of our Preparing for Open Enrollment series, the ACE TA Center continues to share action steps and resources to help your organization make sure enrollment appointments are quick and efficient starting on November 1st!

Highlighted Action Steps for August, September, and October

Schedule 'Account Tune-Ups' with clients

In most cases, clients have only 45 days to enroll in a health plan during Open Enrollment. Before November 1, it’s important to conduct an Account Tune-Up, which is a pre-enrollment appointment to help prepare clients for Open Enrollment.

These appointments help ensure:

  • Clients understand the importance of health coverage
  • Marketplace accounts are up-to-date
  • No insurance payments are owed
  • Income taxes are filed to ensure future eligibility for Advance Premium Tax Credits
  • Clients are ready to start enrolling on November 1st

Conduct 'Account Tune-Ups' with clients

There are four main steps to an Account Tune-Up:

  1. Check paperwork, accounts, and payments
  2. Review finances
  3. Confirm enrollment in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP), including ADAP
  4. Help clients prepare for enrollment and schedule enrollment appointments

Preparing for Open Enrollment Series: Preparing for 2019 Open Enrollment (Part 1) presents a full timeline and key steps to prepare, along with links to tools and resources to support efficient and successful enrollment of all eligible clients. Account Tune-Ups (Part 2) explains how you can support client enrollment into Marketplace plans. 

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