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Slides on 2018 RWHAP Client-Level Data Report

Friday, December 27, 2019


HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau has produced the following slide decks summarizing data from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Annual Client-Level Data Report, 2018. The report presents RSR client data compiled by RWHAP recipients/subrecipients, with support from HRSA-funded data technical assistance.

Overview of Clients Served by RWHAP, 2018

The 13 slides present demographic data on RWHAP clients (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, housing status). Pictured below is the slide on sources of health coverage for RWHAP clients, with Medicaid and "no coverage" being the main sources.

Health Coverage for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Clients, 2018

Clients Served by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, by Health Care Coverage, 2018—United States and 3 Territories

HIV Care Outcomes: Viral Suppression, 2018

This 28 slide set starts with overview data on the steady improvement in RWHAP viral suppression, from 69.5% in 2010 to 87.1% in 2018, along with detailed summaries (e.g., by gender, race/ethnicity, housing status). Featured below is a slide on trends in viral suppression for RWHAP clients, by age categories, demonstrating a narrowing of the gap for younger RWHAP clients. 

Viral suppression among RWHAP clients by age, 2018

Viral Suppression among Clients Served by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, by Age Group, 2010–2018—United States and 3 Territories


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