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Surveillance Report: HIV Among Persons Who Inject Drugs

Monday, March 30, 2020


In a recently-released 23-city surveillance report on persons who inject drugs, 6% previously tested positive for HIV. (Persons who inject drugs accounted for 9% of diagnoses of HIV in the U.S. in 2017.)

Among the 11,437 participants were indicators of high risk behaviors (e.g., nearly one-third had shared a syringe) and challenges to securing substance abuse services (e.g., over one-fourth were unsuccessful in their efforts to obtain medication-assisted treatment). Findings are in the CDC surveillance report, HIV Infection Risk, Prevention, and Testing Behaviors Among Persons Who Inject Drugs National HIV Behavioral Surveillance Injection Drug Use 23 U.S. Cities, 2018. Findings are summarized in a 2-page infographic, presented below.

page 1 of infographic on HIV among injection drug users

page 2 of infographic on HIV among injection drug users



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