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When Clients Become Employees: Hiring Peer Workers

Friday, January 17, 2020

Dissemination of Evidence Informed-Interventions Project (DEII)

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Some HIV care organizations hire peers to help engage and retain their clients into services. The work of one such agency, AIDS Care Group in Pennsylvania, is featured in When Clients Become Employees, a newly-released Spotlight that summarizes how to hire, supervise, and support peer workers.

In summary, the six-pager outlines tips such as the following:

  • ​Determine what resources are available for supporting peers, from management staff to their time to funds to pay peers.
  • Help peers deal with the impact of new pay on their own benefits.
  • Set clear boundaries on what peers are allowed to do and where the line should be drawn.

AIDS Care Group is one of the sites in a HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau-funded project, Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions, determining HIV care replication models. The Spotlight is the latest resource created by DEII on the Enhanced Patient Navigation for HIV-Positive Women of Color, one of four focus areas

Additional tools used in Peer Programs 

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